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Whiteside Router Bits Review

When it comes to router bits, it seems that there aren’t really many options out there, especially if you’re looking for quality products for serious woodworking tasks. Similarly, unless you’re fine with having to replace the bits every now and then with a lower quality bits like MLCS Router Bit Set, you may want to go for quality bits, which may be considerably expensive but will last a long time and probably get the job done in the best way possible, and you might want to consider Whiteside Router Bits.

That being said, some of the top brands out there include Freud, CMT and Whiteside, of course. However, while none of these come cheap, Whiteside router bits apparently cost the most.

Whiteside Router Bits Review – Probably the Best Out There!

We will try to find out below why a fairly large number of woodworkers out there like going for Whiteside router bits although they are so expensive.

Whiteside Router Bits


Premium Quality

Well, we know that almost every brand out there would like to claim that their bits are premium quality. However, it’s only on testing the product that you find out whether it was just a marketing tactic or there was indeed truth in their claim.

While most others brands may disappoint when put to test by using them on various different tasks, the Whiteside bits overwhelm. If the numerous reviews it has got are anything to go by, we can be fairly certain that it’s probably almost impossible to find bits that are better quality than the Whiteside bits.

This is saying something, given that Freud and CMT bits don’t really fail to impress as well. However, there are a couple of problems with them, such as the quality not being the same for every bit the set comes with, and more importantly, they still not being as good as Whiteside bits when it comes to durability and performance.

This is not really our personal view of what we think about these products, but simply based on what users are saying about them.

Come Coated With a Protective Gel

Whiteside Router BitsApparently, one of the common issues you may come across while buying cheap router bits is that some of them may not be working at their best by the time they are delivered to you. This may usually be due to an absence of any protection that would ensure they don’t get damaged in any way until they are put to use.

You can be sure about not facing this problem with Whiteside router bits, though, as they come coated with a protective gel. This ensures that they are in perfect condition when they reach you.

Durability and Sharpness

Well, although we have touched upon durability of the product above, we thought there’s something more worth adding.

We would simply like to point out that a customer mentioned in their review that even after using the bits for around a year, they seem to be working much better than NEW but cheap bits out there. This gives a fair idea of what you can expect on the durability front.

Similarly, there have been customers mentioning in their reviews that these bits are quite sharp, meaning that they may not have any problem cutting through any type of objects (including the large and thick ones).

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A Final Word

Router Bits have always been of a great Help with Router Tables in Woodworking.

Well, again, you’re paying a premium price if you’re buying Whiteside Router bits. However, if you take the long-term use into consideration, they may as well turn out to be a much better deal than most of the cheaper options out there.

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