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What Are The Best Router Tables In 2016

Why Would you need to know about Best Router Tables in 2016 ? Because a good router table can be a great addition to your shop, offering you the required versatility to take the accuracy and precision of your tasks up a notch.

One of the biggest advantages of using a router table is that it allows you to work with both of your hands comfortably, as against having to hold the router in one hand while not using a table to hold it for you.

The Woodworker’s Guide to Choosing the Best Router Table

A router Table helps you to have much better control while working on different routing tasks, which turns out to be especially useful when it comes to relatively complicated tasks such as routing grooves or edge profiles.

Similarly, there are also certain tasks that may not be very safe to work on without a router table, such as routing narrow stock. A well-built, quality router table, especially router tables in 2016, ensures that the required level of safety is ensured while working on such tasks.

Router Tables In 2016

However, choosing a router table make be far from easy, given the numerous options out there in the market, like Craftsman Router Table, Kreg Router table and Ryobi Router table. But we will be sharing a few things with you that you should look out for, which would make the task of knowing the best router tables in 2016 considerably easy for you.

The top should be flat and solid

If you usually work on a wide range of routing tasks, it’s crucial to get a router table that comes with a surface that’s as flat as possible. It’s because there are certain tasks out there where even minor irregularities in the surface of the table may result in inaccurate cuts.

Similarly, it also needs to be very solid and rigid. The reason it’s important is because the table needs to handle a lot of downward pressure, especially while feeding wood. If it isn’t solid or rigid enough, it may flex a bit, which again, would lead to inaccurate cuts.

And of course, routers tend to be quite heavy too, and hence the table that holds it needs to be strong enough to support its weight without deflecting.

Rigid and flat base plate

In most router tables in 2016, it’s the base plate that holds the router. It also actually tends to have a major impact on the functionality of the table.

Hence, it too needs to be flat, to help ensure the required stability, and rigid, to hold the router securely.

Miter slot and T-slots

While many routing tasks may not require the use of a miter slot, there are some that need one to maintain the required level of precision. This is especially true if you’re looking for a table for your shop, or tend to work on a wide range of routing tasks. In such cases, you would ideally want the router table to come with a miter slot.

Secondly, there are some tables out there that come with various T-slots to help hold useful attachments such as stops and feather-boards, In that case I would totally recommend reading the Ryobi Router Table Review.

A Look at the Best Router Tables in 2016

Well, now that you’re aware of what to look out for while choosing a router table, let’s take a look at what seem to be the best router tables in 2016.

Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table System

This router table seems to be coming with pretty much everything you would need to work on most routing tasks out there with great precision and accuracy.

Router Tables In 2016 Some of its key features include:

  • Built using high-quality aluminum
  • Independent sliding fence
  • Dual locking bits
  • Very versatile
  • Highly durable
  • Works with great precision

Going through these features alone should give you the idea that it indeed is one of the best routers out there, especially given the versatility and level of precision it brings to the table.


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PORTER-CABLE 698 Bench Top Router Table

This is a relatively affordable router table, but is still quite sturdy and may surely last the test of time. While it may not turn out to be enough for working on industrial-level tasks, it may not fail to get the job done when it comes to home or entry-level use.

Router Tables In 2016

With that being said, some of its most important features are:

  • Very reliable
  • Durable heavy-duty aluminum top
  • Offers great ease of use
  • Reasonably easy to assemble

Perhaps the only noticeable issue with the product is that it isn’t compatible with a fair few routers out there. But if it is compatible with yours, it may definitely turn out to be a good choice in this price range.


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Craftsman Router Table

If you’re looking for a beginner and budget router table, there perhaps aren’t many better options than the Craftsman router table.

Router Tables In 2016

Here are some of its highlighting features:

  • Highly adjustable miter gauge
  • Comes with 3 insert rings of different sizes to offer better compatibility
  • Adjusting the height is fairly convenient and easy
  • Very easy to use

Basically, this router table is just perfect for beginners, especially with a low budget. It comes with pretty much everything they would need to work on entry-level tasks, or even while moving on to some intermediate-level tasks.


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