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The Best Router Table of 2016

Choosing the right router table is of a great importance if you’re a serious woodworker. It helps you do much more with your router, as well as offers a great level of safety while working on otherwise unsafe tasks, improves the precision and accuracy significantly, and much more. That’s Why you Should Know more about The Best Router Table of 2016.

In fact, there are some woodworking tasks that are just impossible to work on using a router alone. All these things make it pretty clear that the best router table of 2016 can take your woodworking to a whole new level.

That being said, it’s far from easy to choose a router table that will help meet all your needs well and last a long time. Hence, you may simply want to consider some of the best router tables of 2016, as they come with all the latest features and pretty much everything you may ever need.

You may also consider a quick Router Tables Plans in case you don’t like to spend much on a professional router table.

The Best Router Table of 2016

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some examples below.

Bosch RA1181

Best Router Table of 2016The Bosch RA1181 is currently the best selling router table on the market, and probably for a good reason.

First things first, it’s compatible with most of the routers out there, which is indeed quite relieving. The quality is unquestionable as well, especially given the reputation the seller (Bosch) commands in the market as well as the fact that the product is made using cast aluminum.

Coming with a great level of versatility, precision and many additional features, the Bosch RA1181 definitely seems to be offering a great value for money.

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Best Router Table of 2016Before we get to the features of this product, let us tell you that it’s NOT an advanced router table. That being said, it’s probably a great option if you want some basic and useful features packed in a compact body, without having to spend a lot.

It’s very functional and easy to use, and probably just perfect for a woodworking hobbyist.

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Bosch RA1171

Best Router Table of 2016

This seems to be another great product from Bosch. However, it’s probably a more advanced one compared

to the other Bosch router table we mentioned above.

It’s a very functional product with some great unique features, such as the dust collector, and offers great precision and control. It’s also very easy to put together IF you follow the instructions well.

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Bench Dog 40-001

Best Router TableThis seems to be a truly professional bench top router table. If you’re a professional woodworker and need to work on many complex woodworking tasks, this is definitely a product you would want to consider.

It’s also a great choice if you are looking for definite precision in your woodworking tasks, as it can be upgraded with The Bench Dog Router Table Extension, you can surely read more in the Bench Dog Router Table Extension Review.

The product is very sturdy, tough and sure to last you a long time. It also boasts a unique design that helps it be very versatile as well as portable, which is really something impressive.

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Kreg PRS2100

Best Router TableThis is another professional-quality router table that helps work on any complex woodworking task with great precision and accuracy. It comes with many advanced features too that make it ideal to be used in your shop.

The only downside to it seems to be the flaw in the plastic flip locks in its fence system. However, you can make some modifications while installing the product to get around it.

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A Final Word

While there are many other router tables out there, the ones we have walked you through seem to be really great ones and you might consider one of them to be the best router table of 2016. They have got great reviews from most of their buyers, which means that they are reliable enough and really worth considering depending on your requirements.

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