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Ryobi Router Table Review

Well, the Ryobi Router Table ZRA25RT02G is surely not one of the most popular router tables out there. It isn’t even considered among the best ones, so let us mention that you shouldn’t expect a lot from it.

That said, however, this is a product that would attract those looking for a great bang for their buck, and not the best product out there. So instead of trying to look for perfection, you may want to consider the value offered for the low price.

Ryobi Router Table


Finally, before we get into the things you need to know about this Router Table, let us also add that it may not be the best option for professional woodworkers or even those that tend to work on many advanced routing tasks. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t fall under these categories, you may surely be pleased with the value offered by this product.

So let us now go through what you need to know about the Ryobi router table.

Adjustable Fence

It’s actually surprising for a router table priced so low to come with an “adjustable” fence with joining capabilities. It simply means that it may offer a lot of versatility and flexibility to cover a wide range of routing tasks.

Furthermore, it may also help you adjust the fence the way you like, so that you are offered more convenience while working on the task.

Comes with a Lot of Additional Stuff

Ryobi Router TableThis is probably a reason this product, Ryobi Router Table, offers a great bang for your buck. It comes with features you wouldn’t really expect for the price.

It comes with many additional and useful things such as a feather board, inserts, and many more. However, it doesn’t come with a bent wrench (that allows you to change bits), but you can’t even expect that as even most of the high-end router tables don’t come with a bent wrench.

Ryobi Router table is also a Great companion for the Ryobi Router, and also Craftsman router, so you may consider looking at a Craftsman Router Review before going further.

Easy to Assemble

It may require you to put in some time into assembling it if you’re a beginner, but overall, the assembly is quite easy too. However, you may just want to double check everything in order to avoid facing accuracy problems later on.

Not the Best Quality

Well, yes, we will try to be honest about this. As mentioned earlier, it’s more of a value for money product than the best quality one.

The plate that’s supposed to hold the router is made of plastic, meaning that there may be some imperfections when working on advanced tasks.

Another problem some customers come across with this product is that it’s difficult to get the insert level. However, a simple trick to get around it is to adjust the plastic plate so that it’s properly leveled.

A Final Word

While this router table hasn’t managed to impress everyone, you should be more than pleased with it if you’re looking for a great bang for your buck and/or are a beginner at woodworking.


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