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Ryobi Router Review

The Ryobi Router or to Be more Specific, The Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi 8.5 Amp 1-1/2 HP Fixed Base Router is perhaps one of the cheapest options when it comes to all-round routers. It seems to be coming with specifications that seem almost perfect for working on a wide range of woodworking tasks, yet it’s priced surprisingly affordably.

In fact, the 8.5 motor it comes with alone clearly reflects the great value of money you’re getting with this product. However, that’s not all about it. It also boasts some other impressive features that we will be going through below.

Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi Router Review

Ryobi Router

So, What Makes The Ryobi router One of the Best out there, Yet It’s Price is Perfect for all woodworkers and even beginners, and You will definitely need it if you are thinking about Router Table Plans to start your woodworking journey.

High Performance

An all-round router really needs to come with a powerful motor as it’s supposed to work with precision and accuracy on a wide range of tasks. This is the reason we think the Ryobi router is an ideal all-round router, as it comes with a reasonably powerful 8.5-Amp motor.

Highly Durable

Another important feature to look for while going for an “all-round” router is the durability. After all, it may have to go through a lot of rough use and wear over a period of time, and hence needs to be very durable.

That being said, the Ryobi router surely doesn’t disappoint on this front as well, coming with a very durable aluminum base and very well-built ergonomic handles.

Besides ensuring a great level of durability, these things also allow the router to be impressively accurate and work with great precision.

It evens becomes the best router in the market if you are looking for a companion for the Ryobi Router Table.

Accurate Cuts

The Ryobi router also comes with a micro-adjustment knob, which offers zero reset, ensuring a very accurate depth adjustment. Basically, this means that pretty much all types of cuts you make with it would turn out to be surprisingly accurate, which is again something that’s a sign of a high-quality all-round router.

Near-Perfect Condition

Ryobi RouterWell, yes, although it’s cheap and factory-reconditioned, it comes in an almost perfect condition. You would even get all the accessories you would get with a new product, and hence there’s perhaps no reason to be worried about its quality or encountering any problem with it.

Perfectly Easy to Use

Despite coming packed with many useful features, the Ryobi router doesn’t fail to offer an impressively high level of ease of use. The high-quality ergonomic handles make it very comfortable to use, while the LED lights offer an improved sight while working on different types of routing tasks.

Similarly, the on and off switches are very conveniently located, further adding to the ease of use and saving time while working on time consuming tasks.

Finally, there’s also a feature that allows you to spindle-lock the motor, making it even more easier to make highly accurate cuts.

Another Great feature about the Ryobi router is that, it’s compitable with most Router tables out there, including the ryobi router table, Craftsman router table, and of course the Kreg PRS2100 router table, which you can read more about in the Kreg Router Table Review – Kreg PRS2100.

Works Fast and Saves Time

We can’t emphasis enough on how the Ryobi router comes with pretty much everything that an all-round router needs to come with, despite being priced so low.

The Ryobi router boasts a 25,000 RPM, meaning that it would work fairly quickly on most types of tasks, and hence save you quite a bit of time. It also means that the cuts you get with it may really turn out to be impressively accurate and clean.

A Final Word

Honestly speaking, you probably wouldn’t be in your right mind if you ask for more at this price. With that said, we can easily conclude that if you’re looking for a great all-round router but are on a tight budget, the Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi 8.5 Amp 1-1/2 HP Fixed Base router is probably your best bet.


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