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Router Tables in the Woodworking World

Well, although it may be possible to do a few basic routing tasks with your router alone, you obviously wouldn’t be able to go far without a table you can mount it on. This is because while working on a wide range of routing tasks, you can’t really get enough precision, accuracy and control from a handheld router without Router Tables.

Similarly, router tables allow woodworkers to work on their tasks in a safer way. In fact, there are also several routing tasks that are almost impossible to work on using a handheld router.

Why Router Tables are Almost a MUST in the Woodworking World?

That being said, let us take a look at some specific reasons why this product may be worth having in your shop.

Router Tables

Cutting Long, Narrow and Small Stock

Cutting long and narrow stock may turn out to be incredibly difficult to do using a handheld router. Similarly, there are some other tasks such as base molding that cannot be done very efficiently using a handheld router.

Router tables, on the other hand, can make such tasks way easier and convenient. For example, while cutting long, narrow stock, you can simply hold it tight against the fence while you make sure there’s an even feed rate. Similarly, such tables help you work on stock of different dimensions with great precision, some of which may be just impossible to do using a handheld router.

Besides, You don’t always need to spend much on expensive router tables like Ryobi, Craftsman or Kerg. You can make your Own with the Help of Router Table Plans.

Edge Trimming While Doing Patten Work

A router helps trim the edges of any piece of stock to a perfectly smooth, flat surface. However, while working on trimming the edges of a stock and following a pattern using a handheld router, you will come across quite a few problems.

Firstly, you would have to hold both the work-piece and the pattern while working on it. Similarly, you would also have to be careful that your router is positioned properly and flat in order to ensure an accurate cut.

Using a router table in such cases may go a long way in making the task easier as well as more accurate. The table will hold the router for you, and you can focus on ensuring that the workpiece is cut in a precise way to follow the pattern.

Can be Used as Jointers

Such tables can also be used as jointers, eliminating the need to get an expensive dedicated jointer. Besides saving money, you would also be saving a lot of space.

All you would need are the jointing shims that you’re supposed to use with the table to make it work as a jointer.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that setting up the table as a jointer wouldn’t take more than a few minutes, so don’t worry about ending up wasting any time as well.

A Final Word

The above mentioned are just some of the things a router table offers to woodworkers. There’s actually a pretty long list of advantages offered, but to put it in short, let us just say that using this product saves you a lot of time as it speeds up the process, offers more control, precision, and accuracy, as well as makes all the tasks (including the not-so-safe ones) significantly safer.

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