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Craftsman Router Table and Router Combo Review

What is That Craftsman router table and Craftsman router combo? Well, if you’re not really much experienced with routers and router tables, let us tell you that getting both a quality router and a router table may turn out to be quite expensive. While those who are advanced wood-crafters or professionals won’t mind paying upwards of a grand for getting the things they want, it may be a different story when it comes to beginners.

That being said, one of the very few options for beginners to get both a router and a router table without breaking the bank is the Craftsman router table and Craftsman router combo.

However, before we even proceed further, let us make it clear that you can’t expect this product to be the most advanced one out there. It’s designed to be a complete woodworking system for a beginner and is exactly that.

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Craftsman Router Table and Router Combo Review – Amazing Value for Money!

So now that you may have got an idea of whether this product is for you or not, let us move on to discuss some of its most important features.

A Complete Solution

Craftsman Router TableAs pointed out above, it’s a complete woodworking solution for a beginner. It not only comes both with a router and a router table, but also ensures that they are perfectly easy to use even for a beginner.

In fact, they are designed keeping in mind the needs of newbie wood-crafters, and NOT for doing advanced tasks. It should actually be obvious, to be honest, but some customers expressed their disappointment in their reviews which made us mention this.

Looking at the incredibly cheap price, it would probably be really unfair to expect the Craftsman Router Table to come with many advanced features.


As we are talking about a product that’s recommended for beginners and doing small projects, it’s important that we discuss the “assembly” part.

Well, to be very honest, let us mention that you will be disappointed if you expect it to be a breeze. This is especially true given that most don’t bother going through all the instructions properly. This is probably the reason some customers are complaining about the router table having design flaws.

You may have a hard time putting it together unless you read the instructions properly. Also, the illustrations in the instruction manual offer little help as they are extremely small. Hence, you would have to take your time and go through the instructions properly and follow them thoroughly to make sure you set it up correctly.

Reasonably Good Quality

Again, considering the price, you cannot expect the quality to be the best of the best. However, it’s reasonably good, with everything except the router table not being too much plastic. You might need help in Choosing The Right Router Table for your needs before you go on and buy anything.

Motor and Speed

Although these are some of the most important features of any router, we didn’t discussed these first given this product is designed for beginners and there may be some other more important things to talk about.

Anyway, the Craftsman router really surprised by coming with a 1-3/4 HP motor, which is actually quite a bit of power for the price. However, we couldn’t really say the same about the speed, as it runs at just a single speed of 27,000 RPM, meaning there isn’t much versatility.

But again, considering the price and the fact that it’s not the best choice for advanced tasks, we can’t really complain about it.

A Final Word

If you’re looking for a woodworking setup to get small and less advanced tasks done for a rock bottom price, you may really want to consider the Craftsman router and router table combo.

However, do note that you may have to get some ear protection while using it as it’s a bit too loud. So do make sure you figure in its cost as well.

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