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Choosing The Right Router Table

While a router may be able to do many tasks on its own, a router table makes it a significantly more useful tool. Such router tables come with a wide range of advantages, with one of the most important being that it makes some (otherwise complicated) tasks easier, such as edge profiles or routing grooves.

Similarly, as the table holds the router for you, both your hands are free and can be used for the task, which gives you more control. There are also a few tasks that wouldn’t be safe to do with a handheld router, such as making joinery cuts on the rails and routing narrow stock.

Things You Need to Know About Choosing the Right Router Table

That being said, it’s also not easy to find a router table that will be ideal for all your needs. While doing some research may help you find the right product, you would still have to figure out a few things such as your specific needs, budget, and so on.

Router Table

When you’re aware of all those things, you can hit the market for a table that will meet all your needs. Be sure of go through the below given points, though, as they discuss some of the important things you need to look out for.

Flat and Solid Top

A flat and solid top is an absolute must for ensuring the required level of precision. If the surface of the table isn’t completely even, it may lead to problems while working on tasks such as cutting joinery, treating the edges of an object, and more. Even minor irregularities may result in messing things up.

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Similarly, the table top needs to be very rigid. If the downward force exerted on the surface makes it bend a little downward, it surely won’t produce much accurate cuts. In fact, many a times, it may ruin the cutting when working on tasks that require the table top to be extremely stable (and still).

Flat and Rigid Base Plate

Router TableOn most tables, the router is put through the base plate that lets it fit it into the table top. Hence, the base plate needs to be high quality as it tends to have a considerable impact on your routing experience.

It needs to be stable, rigid, and substantial to hold the weight of your router. Base plates made of machined aluminum are usually considered reliable.

Miter Slot and T-slots

While most of your routing tasks may involve putting things against the fence while cutting them, there may also be some tasks that may require a miter slot to be done in the best way possible. Hence, you may want to ensure that the table comes with a miter slot as well.

Similarly, T-slots allow you to use a wide range of router attachments, which may come in handy if you tend to work on advanced routing tasks. So you may want to look out for them as well while choosing a particular product.

A Final Word

Besides the features mentioned above, there are also a couple of obvious features you need to look out for, such as a stable base and an accurate fence. All these features are extremely crucial to allow you do all your routing tasks with extreme precision, accuracy and safety. And you Can read a detailed guide about The Best Router Table of 2016 which might help you.

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